Get Real Gear Dress Up Review (Aeromax)

Get Real Gear Dress Up
What It Is

Kids love to imagine the impossible and their imaginations can sometimes go wild! Now they can find the perfect outfit to complement their pretend play.

If your kid has ever imagined being an astronaut, these top-quality astronaut suits are sure to please your little space traveler. Their official look and feel make them seem like they're real. They come in three different colors; white, orange and pink! They all come with an official embroidered NASA cap which can be readjusted to your child's head to fit. There are fun patches on it- the NASA symbol is shown on the right side of the suit, with a commander wings patch on the opposite side. An American flag patch is located on the left arm of the suit and a space shuttle patch on the right arm. Clips are also attached to the suit to give kids a more secure feel in the suit. Pockets are also included throughout with bunches of zippers that open and close. The bottoms of the suits are also adjustable to fit your child better whichever size you end up getting.

Kids can also enjoy the NASA hoodie if they don't feel like dressing up fully. The hoodie comes in white with painted on patches in the same spots that the suits have them. A headset is painted on the hood so it gives the look of the child having on a headset while the hood is up. The NASA logo is also written on the back of the hoodie in red.

There are even more ways for kids to expand their imaginations with the My 1st Career Gear tops! Rather than full suits, these are shirts they can wear over their regular clothes. All tops are made of high quality, durable material for young children who tend to destroy things easily. Each shirt features printed on-details corresponding to the career it represents: your child can be a robotic engineer, fire department chief, doctor, veterinarian, astronaut, or police officer. The shirts also feature three Velcro pieces on the front of each for easily taking them on and off.

Get Real Gear Dress also has fun accessories to add to the imaginative play like a space helmet, a robot helmet, fire chief hat or an archaeologist's hat. Let's start with the space helmets- they come in white, gray, orange or pink and match perfectly with the suits or shirt. The space helmet is a little smaller for younger kids to enjoy, but offers rich details, like a moving visor, NASA logo and appealing decorations. What's great is that the helmet is adjustable to fit your child's head. The robot helmet offers the same fun, but with robot detailing. The fire chief hat comes in red or black, with details that make it look true-to-life, and comes with an on and off switch that flashes lights and makes fire truck noises. Lastly, we've got the archaeologist hat! Get your kids digging for bones with the very realistic looking hat that will shield them from the sun, and the words "I Dig Dinosaurs" printed right on top.

Is It Fun?

The rich details inspire kids to dream big. Many options are available to choose from and the quality is very nice!

Who It’s For

Dress-up play allows anyone to dream, hope, and use their imagination. These are great for kids since it gives many different occupational opportunities to imagine and the quality is top notch.

What To Be Aware Of

Nothing. Dress up and let the fun imaginative play begin.

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