LEGO Friends Play Cubes Review (LEGO)

LEGO Friends Play Cubes
What It Is

Play out exciting LEGO Friends adventures on the move with these Play Clubes for each of the LEGO Friends: Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, and Stephanie. Each cube stacks or connects with other cubes to form fun shapes, or can be split to share with a friend! Easy building instructions are also included to help build the scenes.

Let's start with Mia and her vet clinic. Inside Mia's Play Cube is one collectible vet mini-doll, a surprise pet, a buildable vet office, lots of mini-doll accessories, and a sticker sheet so kids can decorate the clinic how they like! Since all sets come with a pet, this clinic will come in handy for all the LEGO Friends characters.

After a quick check-up at Mia's clinic, pets can go into Emma's pet studio cube! In this set you get one collectible mini-doll, a surprise toy pet, a buildable grooming and photo studio, and a sticker sheet. Get those pets looking picture perfect thanks to Mia's good eye for photography!

Next up, inside Olivia's science lab, you get one scientist mini-doll, a surprise pet, a LEGO classroom, lab complete with toy slime, lots of mini-doll accessories, and a sticker sheet. Kids can make Olivia a mad scientist or someone who cures Coronavirus. There are endless possibilities!

If you want to take a load off and belt out to some tunes with your LEGO Friend, well then Andrea's Musical cube may be just be the one you need. Here you'll get one musician mini-doll, a surprise pet, piano, stage, microphone, and a sticker sheet. Make it a concert for your friends or a Karaoke night!

For my foodies, there is Stephanie in her kitchen cube! Inside Stephanie's Play Cube is one mini-doll to do the cooking, a surprise pet, a toy cake, two baking-themed scenes, and lots of mini-doll accessories, and you guessed it: a sticker sheet! Kids will love baking a sweet treat to share with their friends or being Stephanie's helper as she bakes!

Is It Fun?

This set sparks imagination, provides endless build-and-play fun, and kids can get creative! What's great is that everything fits back in the cubes for easy-on-the-go fun!

Who It’s For

The LEGO Friends cubes are a perfect addition to any collector's collection. Even if your child is not into LEGO yet, these are fully compatible with larger LEGO sets, making it great for kids to expand their LEGO collection down the line. Kids can create different scenes and mix and match cubes later for more play scenarios.

What To Be Aware Of

My only con would be that you find out what surprise animal you're getting when you read the instructions, so I suggest opening up your pet first to avoid spoiling the surprise!

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