Story Time Chess Review (Thinking Cup Learning)

Story Time Chess
What It Is

Story Time Chess is a fun new way to learn the game of Chess. It is so fun and easy to learn that even a 3 year old can play it. The box contains instructions for Story Time Chess as well as standard Chess instructions. There is a set of 32 custom chess pieces in black and white, 32 character cutout cards, a storybook, 30 Crown tokens, 1 Crown Card game mat and a deck of 30 Crown Cards. The set also comes with a dual board. One side is designed for the classic version and the other is decorated with the Story Time Chess themed look. This look allows players to practice and grow their skills. Each character has their own story educating readers to how their Chess piece moves during the game. Colorful character cutouts adorn each piece so that beginners can follow the story by associating it with the cartoon characters attached to the classically designed piece. Once all the stories have been read, there are mini exercises that kids can play and win tokens with the fast paced CROWN CARD game. This practice allows children to accumulate knowledge and learn a greater understanding of the game. STORY TIME CHESS hones verbal skills and sharpens critical thinking while instilling confidence and emotional intelligence. When they are ready to advance young experts can flip the board over for the classical version.

Is It Fun?

Story Time Chess is a great way for a family to learn the classic game together.

Who It’s For

Story Time Chess is a fun new and easy to learn the game of CHESS that even a 3 year old can play it. It's created to help teach the game in a fun and story filled way.

What To Be Aware Of

This game takes time to learn and play. Families will need to take the time it takes to follow all the steps.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions