Wild Life and Farm World Review (Schleich)

Wild Life and Farm World
What It Is

To make the Farm World vet set come to life, a few accessories are included; a blonde woman figure with three points of articulation, a few pets such as a horse, dog, mouse, and cat- all without any points of articulation. There are even vet office tools and accessories; a pet bowl, stethoscope, pet bed, medicine and more! With the help of the X-ray image hanging on the wall, the vet can treat her patients on the examination table, check their weight on the scale and quickly treat them. Instructions are included and pretty straight forward. Parent assistance will be needed for smaller children.

There are tons of parts and accessories with the Wild Life set to let kids imaginations go wild- this set includes a male figure, 1x lion, 1x meerkat, 1x ranger, 1x crane with cable winch, 1x cage, 1x truck, 1x ladder, 1x container, 1x stethoscope, and 1x bandage. Instructions are included to build, but beware a few of the pieces were difficult to put together, even for an adult! The truck does have wheels that move in any direction. The crane is rotatable and can move the crate. The container is removable, there's a moving winch and a loading ramp is included for easy access on or off the back of the truck.

Little ones can have fun bringing to life a safari storylines, such as rescuing a lioness in the wild and treating her. Using the crane and cage they can slowly bring her up to the truck. The truck is fully equipped with realistic stickers that showcase x-rays, a table and some medicine tools to treat her and other animals. Once the rescuers are done they can release the lioness back into the wild!

Is It Fun?

This set allows kids to imagine and create stories. It has very detailed features and many accessories are included!

Who It’s For

There are a lot of fun scenarios kids can create with the vet set, offering them opportunities for imaginative and nurturing play. Kids ages 3 and up who enjoy animals will take an interest in these two sets. It's a great introduction to the vet and safari world!

What To Be Aware Of

There is no storage for the Vet set and the animals have no articulation.

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