Elastic Building Blocks, Convertible Construction Cones, and Weather Set Review (Moluk)

Elastic Building Blocks, Convertible Construction Cones, and Weather Set
What It Is

Hix is a set of 4 convertible construction cones that makes geometry accessible and fun for all ages. Each cone transforms into four basic shapes which can be stacked and nested in many different configurations.

The Building Genius is a 9-piece educational set that combines 3 Hix, 3 Mox, and 3 Oibo toys in one set. I already talked about Hix, now let's see Mox and Oibo. Mox is ball-shaped and kids will use their imagination to throw and catch, stack with the other pieces and let it roll, talk, laugh, sing, and even eat little objects. Oibo is an elastic, stackable, rollable, squeezable, easy-to-grip sensory toy that merges a sphere with a cube. It combines the action and fun of a ball with the educational benefits of building blocks. Oibo collapses when you squeeze it and pops right back into shape. By stacking and aligning the Hix and different pieces from Building Genius, kids learn about geometry while training hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The Plui Weather Set includes the Plui Rain Cloud and the Plui Sunny Brush. The Rain Cloud is a charming bath toy that playfully teaches children some basic physics principles! Immerse the cloud in water to fill up and then let it rain. You can play with it and stop the rain simply by closing the hole on top with a finger! This toy not only illustrates the cycle of water but also turn kids into little rainmakers, making bath time much more fun! It has a hidden mechanism that allows parents to open the Cloud for cleaning. The Plui Sunny Brush is a sensory toy made to tickle your kid's imagination and senses! They also come in handy as gentle little brushes for first cleaning tasks.

Why Is It Useful?

Hix and Building Genius grow with your child as it starts as a grasping and teething toy for the baby while toddlers will enjoy how they stack, bounce one even roll.

These are sensory toys that will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours while they play with creativity. They train hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and also have great material and design.

Who It’s For

Hix and Building Genius are recommended for kids newborn and up and they grow with the child.

Plui Weather Set is recommended for ages 3 years and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Hix and all parts from Building Genius are made of food-grade silicone rubber free of BPA, phthalate, and latex. It's waterproof and dishwasher safe - perfect for travel and bath time!

Plui Weather Set is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free.

Retail prices are:

Hix $19.99

Plui Weather Set $29.99

Building Genius $39.99

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