Magicube Polar Animals and Mechanics Challenge Magnetic Target Launcher Review (Geomag)

Magicube Polar Animals and Mechanics Challenge Magnetic Target Launcher
What It Is

Whether kids are young or old, they can participate in creative STEM building through Geomag construction sets.

With the eight magnetic cubes in the Magicube Polar Animals line, young kids ages 18 months and up can build a polar bear, a penguin, a seal, and a whale. The magnetic cubes can easily be attached to any side, and there are colorful graphics printed on each side. Two double-sided task cards show kids how to build, but of course, little ones can stack and build however they want.

Older kids can accept the challenge of the 96-piece Magnetic Target Launcher set. Build a magnetic cannon and challenge friends to see who gets more goals. There are actually three different builds, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard to allow kids' skills to progress as they work with the pieces. Once you build the launcher, use the lever to shoot marbles at the buildable targets. You can even combine this set with other Geomag sets to create your own challenges.

Is It Fun?

The Magicube set is a nice introduction to building for beginners. Because the cubes are large and easily stick together, it makes building more satisfying for small hands. Little ones will enjoy experimenting with how the cubes go together and using their imaginations to create.

The Magnetic Target Launcher gets kids thinking creatively, and we like that there are three ways to build and play. The easy build lets kids dive right in, and then they can challenge themselves to the harder builds as they feel comfortable.

Who It’s For

The Magicube Polar Animals set is for ages 1.5 and up.

The Magnetic Target Launcher set is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 15 minutes to assemble the Magnetic Target Launcher in the game one variation and the instructions were pretty easy to follow. It was hard to get some of the pieces to attach, and other pieces were hard to take apart when we realized we had built the wrong way.

For the Magicube, younger kids will need parental assistance in building what the task cards show.

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