GigaPets AR, GigaPets Pixie, and GigaPets Trolls Review (Top Secret Toys Limited)

GigaPets AR, GigaPets Pixie, and GigaPets Trolls
What It Is

In 2018, the '90s toy GigaPets relaunched with GigaPetsAR, a whole new way to play and care for the pets. Now the AR versions are in their second edition, and there are brand new characters to collect and care for with GigaPets Trolls and GigaPets Pixies.

Just as in the first wave, GigaPetsAR styles include puppy, T-Rex, and unicorn. This time the devices feature different colors, such as retro-themed tinted transparent shells. You can play with your pet in the device and then scan your pet using the free app to see your pet come alive through augmented reality. Play and earn achievements to unlock mini games and tricks for your pet in the app.

On the device itself, you use the left and right keys to select an activity, such as feed, play, clean, health, tricks, discipline, and turn out the lights. The heart icon lets you check your pet's progress and see age, weight, health, happiness, hunger, and discipline points. Don't worry if your pet dies from bad health or old age. You can always restart the game by pressing "enter" or pressing the reset button on the back of the device.

But for something a little different, you can care for a Pixie or a Troll. The GigaPets Pixie has eight different evolutions to experience and the choices you make help determine the outcome. Each Pixie device also includes a set of rubber wings and antenna for a tactile play experience. There are four games to play that get harder as you progress. As you successfully cast spells and play games, collect special elements to brew potions that will help your Pixie grow.

With GigaPets Trolls, the goal is to let your friend's hair grow long, but not too long or the crazy locks will be cut and you drop back down to day one. The good news about the Trolls is that they never die! You have access to two of the games right from the start: Avoid the Barber and Jump the Hurdles. If you keep your Troll happy and healthy, you'll unlock three additional games: Skateboarding, Surfing, and Mountain Climbing. Each device also comes with a set of poseable limbs and fuzzy hair.

Is It Fun?

If you remember playing the original GigaPets, you'll love the classic gameplay of these new versions. Trolls and Pixie versions just give you a different kind of "pet" to care for, while the augmented reality in the AR devices brings the virtual animal to life and extends the play with more games and customization options.

We wish the icons on the Pixie version weren't so small, and the games on both the Trolls and Pixie versions were hard to play. There weren't even any specific instructions on how to play the Trolls games.

Who It’s For

The new GigaPets are for ages 5 and up. Kids who like playing with electronic toy pets will have fun caring for these.

What To Be Aware Of

Each one includes one cell battery.

The icons on the Pixie version are very small and hard to see.

The games on the Pixie and Trolls versions are difficult to play.

The GigaPetsAR app is a free download for iOS and Android devices.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    1 cell battery required