ArmoGear Water Battle Set Review (Nesstoy)

ArmoGear Water Battle Set
What It Is

Gear up for the coolest water blaster battle ever with the ArmoGear Water Battle Set. It includes two water blasters and two water vests. The blasters have a shooting range of up to 16 feet, and each one can hold three ounces of water. These are kid-powered - just press the trigger to fire.

But you're not just firing streams of water at your opponent. With this game, you're trying to hit the five targets on your opponent's vest. Each vest has five water-activated targets, so if you get hit, the water turns the target from white to red, revealing how many points you've scored.

You can try to play until one person scores all five targets or until one person gets a certain number of points. It's all up to you! And because these vests are adjustable, adults and kids can play together.

Is It Fun?

The color-change targets on the vest let kids see how accurate they are and make it harder for someone to cheat - if your circle is red, you've been hit! This is a fun take on backyard blaster battles, and kids will want to play with this over and over again.

Who It’s For

The ArmoGear Water Battle Set is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The vests are easy to put on, but even though they are adjustable with the Velcro straps, we still found the vests to be a little big on our 8-year-old tester.

Once all the targets have changed color, you'll need to let them dry and go back to white before playing again.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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