VIP Pets Series 1 Review (IMC Toys)

VIP Pets Series 1
What It Is

Pamper all the pets you collect with the I Love VIP Pets toy line. There are 12 pets to collect in series 1, and each one has 12 inches of long hair plus surprise accessories for creating hundreds of hairstyles. Each pet is blind packaged in a pretend mousse bottle. Remove the outer packaging to reveal your pet sitting inside the bottle in a salon chair with its hair all wrapped up. Don't remove the pet from the bottle yet! Instead, first remove the bottom of the bottle to find the blind bag full of accessories, such as hair bands, a collar, a hair pin, a hair clip, a brush, and a roller. Some pets, such as Juliet, include colorful hair wax and a hat.

Now it's time to reveal your pet's hair. Pour water into the top of the bottle to wash the pet's hair and disintegrate the first hair covering. Now your pet will be wearing a clear shower cap. Take off the bottle's lid and put some water on a cloth to wash your pet's face and reveal a surprise around its eye. Then take off and discard the shower cap to reveal your pet's hair and become your pet's professional hairstylist. The shower cap does leave behind a sticky residue, so you might want to give your pet and its salon chair an additional bath to make sure you've got everything cleaned up.

The salon chair is reusable and attaches to an included suction cup so that your pet doesn't slide around while you style its hair.

A collector's guide is also included so you can keep track of your collection. Make sure you don't look at the guide before revealing your pet, otherwise you'll ruin the surprise!

Is It Fun?

These pets are super cute, and kids will like the unboxing experience that doubles as pretend salon play. It's a new twist on nurturing pet play. With so many accessories that can all be mixed and matched among the pets, the creative hairplay possibilities are practically endless. And kids will also enjoy playing out storylines based on what they've seen in the YouTube series or from their own imaginations.

Who It’s For

I Love VIP Pets are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll be tempted to just take out your pet and reveal everything, but make sure to follow the instructions to pour water into the can for the big reveals.

The suction cup doesn't always stick to its surface. The big hair on these pets definitely makes them top-heavy, and the suction cups just aren't strong enough.

These are based on the VIP Pets animated series on the Kitoons YouTube channel.

A new Cry Babies doll, Goodnight Coney, is also available and sold separately.

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