Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway, Spin Storm, Total Turbo Takeover, and Advent Calendar Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway, Spin Storm, Total Turbo Takeover, and Advent Calendar
What It Is

Get ready for all sorts of racing action with brand-new Hot Wheels sets from Mattel. The Super Speed Blastway, Spin Storm, Total Turbo Takeover, and Advent Calendar all offer fast-paced racing action for Hot Wheels fans.

The Super Speed Blastway features two tracks with kid-powered launchers, and the object is to see which car can pop off the checkered flag for victory first. Each car has to make three laps before getting to that victory flag, though, sending pit crew members flying off the grandstands with each lap. The set only comes with one car, so you'll need to add cars from your collection to get the racing fun started. This track set can also be connected to other Hot Wheels sets, sold separately.

The Spin Storm is a motorized track set with two launchers. That means you've got cars launching from two directions, and then zooming over and over again through the loop. There might even be a car crash or two. Two launchers also means this track set is easy for two kids to play with together. The set only includes one car, so you'll have to add more from your collection for the fast-paced crashing action. You can also connect this to other Hot Wheels sets.

For kids who like to build their own Hot Wheels tracks, the Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover offers multiple configurations with the pieces in this set, as well as amped-up building possibilities with other track that you already own. It's got a two-directional motorized booster so you can send cars zooming one way or switch things up and send them in reverse. Can the cars make it through the loops? Watch out for the falling boulders! First car through activates the flying oil barrel.

Hot Wheels fans will love counting down the days until Christmas with the Hot Wheels Advent Calendar. On December 1, punch open door number 1 and reveal a surprise. There are 24 doors and 24 surprises to reveal, such as eight cars and a variety of accessories, including some that turn the cars into sleds or sleighs. The calendar box becomes a play scene with pretend race tracks and a winner's circle.

Is It Fun?

Each of these sets will be fun for Hot Wheels fans looking to expand their collection. It's easy to launch the Super Speed Blastway, and the small track set doesn't take up too much space. Plus, it's kid-powered.

It's really fun to watch the cars zoom and crash through the Spin Storm, and launching the cars through the battery-operated motor is easy to do.

Total Turbo Takeover is great for kids who like to design their own tracks, giving them the ability to add cool stunts and connect the pieces to track they already own.

And the Advent Calendar is a great way to add extra cars and accessories to a collection. It's perfect for the Hot Wheels fans during the holiday season.

Who It’s For

The Super Speed Blastway and Spin Storm Track Sets are for ages 4 to 10.

Total Turbo Takeover is for ages 4 and up.

The Hot Wheels Advent Calendar is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly of each track set is required, and it's pretty easy for adults to do.

The Spin Storm requires 4 D batteries, which are not included. On this set, we did have trouble with one of the track pieces staying together, but that could have just been user error during assembly.

Total Turbo Takeover requires 4 C batteries, which are not included.

The punch-out stand on the Advent Calendar box is difficult to punch out.

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    4 C & 4 D batteries required