Travel Games and Magnetic Game Tins Review (HABA)

Travel Games and Magnetic Game Tins
What It Is

Whether you need something to keep your kid busy at home or on the go, the magnetic travel games from HABA offer fun gameplay mixed with learning.

HABA Travel Games Air Bears and Floaty Fight! are the perfect games for the car, airplane, train, and bus travel. But they'll also be fun to play at home if you're not traveling anywhere right now due to Coronavirus. The game pieces are magnetic, so you don't have to worry about losing small pieces in the car, and everything comes stored inside a compact tin case to make it easy to throw the game into a backpack.

Air Bears is a two- to four-person game where players try to get their bears to their holiday vacations first. Spin the arrow, and move your bears along the gameboard the amount spun until all your bears are safely on vacation.

Floaty Fight! is a two-person game that plays like Battleship, but with players trying to discover the location of their opponent's floaties in the pool. Once players have secretly placed their five floaties, they take turns guessing coordinates, such as Red 4, to find the floaties. If you find one, mark it on your grid with the included dry-erase marker. Once you discover all the floaties, you win!

The Magnetic Game Tins, which also come packaged in compact tins, help kids practice number and letter recognition. In the Alphabet version, kids can match magnetic letters to the letterboard or practice spelling out words on the picture boards. In the Numbers version, kids can practice number recognition and counting with the boards and magnetic pieces.

Is It Fun?

In all of these games, kids will like the bright and colorful pieces. The Travel Games will be something fun for the whole family to play no matter where you are, and they're quick-playing games, too. The Magnetic Game Tins are a bit more open-ended, with different ways for kids to play while also practicing some basic skills. The Game Tins would also be a good parent-child activity.

Who It’s For

Air Bears is for ages 4 and up. Floaty Fight and the Numbers and Alphabet Magnetic Game Tins are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Be careful punching out the game pieces in the Magnetic Game Tins. They tear easily.

Air Bears comes with two magnetic game boards, 12 magnetic vacation bears in four colors, a magnetic spinner, and instructions.

Floaty Fight! Comes with two magnetic game boards, 10 magnetic floaty tiles in two colors, two dry-erase markers, a dry-wipe cloth, and instructions.

The Magnetic Game Tin Alphabet comes with a box, four background images, and 136 magnetic puzzle pieces.

The Magnetic Game Tin Numbers comes with a box, four background images, and 178 magnetic puzzle pieces.

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