Froggit Review (Smart Games)

What It Is

In the strategy game Froggit, hop around the game board and be the first player to get their entire frog family across the pond and over their finish edge. This is a game that can be played in two different ways depending on the experience and/or age of the players.

To start either level, place the pond game board in the middle of the table. The fish goes in the middle of the pond, and each player places all of his frog family members on the side of the pond next to the starting edge. A frog family consists of two large frogs and three small frogs. A frog family's starting edge, indicated by a frog icon of their own color, is always directly opposite the finish edge.

If you're playing the Junior level, players take turns moving one of their frogs. If you're moving a large frog, that frog can jump one or two spaces. A small frog can jump one, two, or three spaces. Frogs can jump directly to any empty adjacent lily pad or jump over a single adjacent frog to the empty lily pad directly behind it. If a player can't move a frog, he must move the fish one or two lily pads from its current location. If the fish moves to a lily pad with a frog on it, the frog must return to its start point.

For more of a challenge, the Expert level allows small frogs to jump on the back of a large frog of its own color, forming a team. Teams move together one space at a time, as long as the lily pad is empty. This also protects the frogs from the fish, as teams can't be sent back to their starting edge. A team also can't leave the finish edge together. When separating a team, the small frog has to move first, leaving the large frog behind.

In the Expert level, a large frog can also jump on a small frog of another color, trapping the small frog. The small frog can't move until the large frog moves away.

And if you want a quick way to play, lower the number of frog family members to one large frog and two small frogs. Rules of both Junior and Expert levels apply.

Is It Fun?

We like that this game has different levels of play, making it a game that will grow with younger players. Even though the premise of the game is easy to learn, the game still challenges players to use strategic thinking when plotting their moves. This game will be perfect for everybody in your family to play together.

Who It’s For

The game is for two to six players ages 6 and up. In a two-player game, there might not be a lot of need to move the fish, so for more excitement in the gameplay, we recommend playing with more players.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with a pond gameboard with 31 lily pads and six starting and finish points on the outer edge, one fish, and six frog families in different colors.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy