Happy the Birthday Bird Review (Happy Products)

Happy the Birthday Bird
What It Is

Make birthdays even more memorable with Happy the Birthday Bird. This plush toy and book set helps families start a new birthday tradition. Inside the box is a 15-inch plush bird wearing metallic sneakers and a backpack with a clip, a four-inch plushie balloon, and a 36-page full-color hardcover book that includes six memory pages and one pocket for storing.

So here's how it works: Kids can read about Happy in the picture book. Happy is a birthday bird from the land of TuYu, and even though he has one wing bigger than the other and has trouble flying, he achieves his dream of becoming a birthday bird, flying between our land and TuYu.

Then, on the day before the child's birthday, he or she can play and cuddle with Happy. But that night, Happy will fly back to TuYu and bring your child's birthday wishes with him. The next morning, kids must find where Happy is hiding, and he'll have a special birthday gift for the child. (Parent participation will obviously be necessary for this step.)

Pages in the back of the book ask kids to record their memories and place favorite photos from their birthday, ensuring that each year they can go back and relive those moments.

Is It Fun?

For families who enjoy yearly traditions such as The Elf on the Shelf or the Switch Witch, Happy the Birthday Bird adds another layer of excitement to a special day. We like how the book encourages interaction between the plush Happy and the child, while also serving as a keepsake. Kids will love the softness and cuteness of their Happy plush, and the surprise of playing "bird-and-seek" with Happy on their birthdays.

Who It’s For

Happy the Birthday Bird is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The book and plush are also available individually.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility