Aerobatic Foam Flyer, SkyScrapers, Pop Rocket, Toy Parachutes and Aero Pull-Back Racers Review (Aeromax)

Aerobatic Foam Flyer, SkyScrapers, Pop Rocket, Toy Parachutes and Aero Pull-Back Racers
What It Is

Get ready for all sorts of action fun with Aeromax's lineup of cars, planes, and other flying toys.

The Aerobatic Foam Flyer is a foam airplane that can fly up to 100 feet. Grip the plane from the bottom and throw to release. Instructions on the back of the package tell you how to perform stunts, such as a Rodeo Loop, a Stunt Dive, and a Boomerang Loop. You can also make the plane soar underwater. The planes come in three styles: yellow, blue, and shark.

The Sky Scrapers Silver Streak Edition are flying discs that can soar up to 100 feet. Three silver discs are included with the blue launcher. Load a disc onto the launcher and pull back on the handle to send the disc flying straight up into the air. No batteries required!

Another easy-to-launch toy is Pop Rocket. These jumbo-sized foam rockets (available in green, orange, and blue; or red, green, and blue) have a sticky foam end that sticks to almost any clean, flat surface. Just flick it and stick it.

The Flashing Light-Up Toy Parachute is a battery-operated toy with a paratrooper figure attached to a fabric parachute. Flip the switch on the figure to watch it glow. Unlike other toy parachutes, this one doesn't have string so nothing will get tangled. Follow the instructions on the back of the package to fold the parachute, and then give it a toss to watch it launch and drop. You can even make up your own games to play with this, such as drawing a chalk target on your driveway and trying to launch your paratrooper into the target.

Toy Parachutes that don't light up are also available in a variety of bright colors or in a glow-in-the-dark style. These operate the same way with no strings and no tangles. The parachutes are made from real parachute material with an attached paratrooper figure at the end. Fold them up and throw them in the sky to watch them launch and land.

And for fun on the ground, there's the Silver Aero Pull-Back Racers. This set of three silver cars is easy to launch. Place a car on a flat surface, and as the name suggests, pull back to wind it up, and then let go to send it racing.

Is It Fun?

If you're looking for simple kid-powered, outdoor play, then that's what you'll get from this lineup of Aeromax toys. The Sky Scraper really did fly 100 feet. In fact, we almost lost one of the discs on our roof. However, we never got the Foam Flyer to go 100 feet, and it was a little tricky to figure out how to get the best performance from the Toy Parachutes. Still, our kid tester loved playing with the toys, even when they didn't meet performance expectations.

Who It’s For

The Aerobatic Foam Flyer is for ages 4 and up.

Sky Scrapers is for ages 9 and up.

Pop Rocket, the Flashing Light-Up Toy Parachute, the Toy Parachutes, and the Pull-Back Racers are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each one is sold separately.

Three cell batteries are included for the Flashing Light-Up Toy Parachute.

For best results on the glow-in-the-dark Toy Parachute, keep it under bright light for several minutes.

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    3 cell batteries required