Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game Review (Ravensburger)

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game
What It Is

Go on the Jungle Cruise ride without setting foot in Disney through the Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game. On your journey, you must deliver passengers and cargo to company headquarters, and get paid for what you deliver. Bonuses are awarded to players who arrive first, carry different types of cargo, and deliver selected family members.

Once each player picks their boat and boat placard, they fill their boat with 12 passengers and place their movers on the starting dock. There are four things you can do on your turn.

First is rearrange your load. That means moving passengers and cargo within your boat placard. If you've got someone or something that you don't want falling overboard, place it in the center of your boat.

You also roll the die for speed. The number you roll is the number of spaces you move forward on the board. If you come to an Outpost space, stop and take one Outpost action, such as taking a cargo or lost passenger. If you come to a Clue space, stop and look at the clue token to find out which family members you definitely want to have on your boat for extra rewards at the end. If you land on Headquarters, take one Tip. And if you land on any other space, you can pick up a Lost & Found token and add it to your boat.

The third move is to draw four Navigation cards and read aloud the jokes. If you rolled a four, you have to encounter all four cards, but if you only rolled a three, for instance, pick three cards to encounter and one card to dismiss.

Then, you "encounter" the cards by rolling the Peril dice. For each exclamation point you roll, one cargo or passenger must be discarded unless you use your Warning Flare.

After all the Tips at headquarters have been taken, players tally up their scores based on the type of passengers and cargo they have. The player with the highest score wins.

Is It Fun?

This is a very brief overview of how the game is played. There are eight pages of instructions, so we recommend reading through them all before you play and maybe even playing a practice game first. The jokes on the Navigation cards are reminiscent of the ones told by the Skippers in the real Disney ride, so if you like puns and "dad humor", you'll enjoy that aspect of this game. Obviously, this game will appeal to fans of the Jungle Cruise ride, but it's also a fun game of strategy and excitement for anyone who enjoys these types of story-based games. Players will also appreciate the artwork and design of the game pieces.

Who It’s For

The Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game is for two to four players ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes 80 Navigation cards, six Skipper Specialty cards, four Warning Flare tokens, 48 Passenger tokens, 30 Lost & Found tokens, 12 Outpost Tokens, five Tip tokens, four Clue tokens, four dice, four boat movers, and four boat placards.

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