Blume Series 2 Review (Skyrocket Toys)

Blume Series 2
What It Is

Flowers need water, but they also need sunlight, hence the brand new feature of Blume Series 2. The original Blume dolls bloomed out of a flower pot when you added water, and the new series will do that, too, revealing new surprise hairstyles. But the squishy slow-rise foam hair also has a color-change surprise when you take it out in the sunshine. For instance, Seraphina's fiery hair turns a darker shade of red, while a fun pattern appears on Gigi's hair.

There are 22 dolls to collect, and you don't know which one you're getting until you add water to the flowerpot and watch the doll and her big hair bloom right before your eyes. Keep track of which dolls you have and their rarity status on the included collector's guide.

There are also other surprises to discover, such as a cute mini friend, stickers, and fashion pieces. The flower pot turns into a playset for the doll, inspiring imaginative play once the unboxing is over. Use the leaf mirror as a stand for the doll.

Is It Fun?

Just like the original dolls, watching Blume dolls bloom is really cool, and kids will love this new take on unboxings. Even though you can't re-grow the doll, there's still a lot of play with the fashions, hair, and cute pets. And kids will really like the magic of the sunlight color-change feature. These would make a great addition to a Blume collection.

Who It’s For

Blume Series 2 is for ages 3 and up. Fans of the original Blume dolls will like unboxing and adding more dolls to their collections.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Blume Series 2 doll is sold separately.

The covers inside the flower pot that hide the surprises were hard to remove and just as difficult to put back into place. Kids may need adult assistance.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty