Rainbocorns and 5 Surprise Mini Brands Collectibles Review (Zuru)

Rainbocorns and 5 Surprise Mini Brands Collectibles
What It Is

There are so many new ways to collect and play in ZURU's Rainbocorns and 5 Surprise toy lines. 

The Rainbocorns Itzy Glitzy Surprise packs feature smaller Rainbocorn eggs with glittery hearts and shiny unicorn horns on the front. Pop open each egg to discover which Itzy Glitzy is inside. Will it be one of the two rare Itzy Glitzys? You'll also find more glitzy surprises, including hairclips, rings, and a heart gem that's interchangeable between the eggs and the rings. These are available in two-packs and four-packs, and there are 26 Itzy Glitzy characters to collect.

Going a little bigger is series 2 of the Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise eggs. In this series, there are six surprises hiding inside the egg, including one of six new plush characters to collect each with a Peel to Reveal Sparkle Heart on its tummy. What else will you find? A boo-boocorns stamp, colorful rainbow poop slime, and an adoption certificate that lets you record the date you unboxed your new friend.

Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise enters series 3 with seven new totally wild styles to collect. These larger plush come in big eggs with 10 layers of surprises. Open the egg to reveal your Rainbocorn plush. Will it be the rare sparkle sloth character? Place the sequin heart from the egg onto the plush's tummy. Rub the sequins to reveal a surprise image. Additional surprises include wild poop slime, matching wild stick-on nails, and new long-tailed boo-boocorns.

If you're looking for a way to store and display your 5 Surprise Mini Brands collection, look no further than the Mini Mart playset. There are 22 pieces inside, including four mystery minis, although you can see one of them in the packaging. It's a mini container of Mentos Gum. The others include Bosco chocolate syrup, Pure Silk Coconut Shave Cream, and Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shave Gel. The Mini Mart mimics what a grocery store looks like with lots of shelf space for displaying the collectible Mini Brand food items, a cashier's counter, and realistic store sound effects with the push of a button.

Is It Fun?

All of these collectibles are so cute and will be fun to unbox for kids who like collectibles.

The Rainbocorns offer a lot of surprises, plus cute and cuddly plush or cute and collectible mini characters. And all of the extra surprises help extend the play once the unboxing is done.

The Mini Mart will be a fun playset for Mini Brands collectors. Kids will love stocking the shelves with their collections and pretending to shop for their favorite brands. This playset definitely offers a lot of imaginative play, but we wish it had been easier to assemble.

Who It’s For

These collectibles are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each item is sold separately.

Assembly of the Mini Mart is required, and adults will need to help. The instructions are not easy to follow because some pieces are labeled incorrectly, and the process of opening the pieces is supposed to be part of the unboxing experience. So none of the bags are labeled with what the pieces go to. You just have to figure it out. The Mini Mart is also not very sturdy, and you don't get everything you need to complete it. Additional parts are sold separately.

Three button cell batteries are included with the Mini Mart.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 cell batteries required