Fairy Light Garden Review (PlayMonster)

Fairy Light Garden
What It Is

Your garden will grow in the sunlight and glow at nighttime with the My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Garden. This comes with everything kids need to set up their own garden at home. Follow the instructions to assemble the Fairy Light House with bridge and water wheel, and then pour in Fairy Seed Starter, some water, the seeds from the Seed Packet, more Seed Starter on top of that, and more water to get your garden growing. Use the watering can and four gardening tools to help water and care for the garden. Within three to seven days, the plants will start to sprout. In fact, the box says these seeds are guaranteed to grow. What types of plants are you growing? The seed mix includes Ryegrass, Mustard, and Pea Seeds.

While waiting for your garden to grow, play out fun adventures with the Saffron the fairy and Calista the unicorn figures. Calista stands on her own, but Saffron will need help from the display base or the fairy flying cord. Saffron will love her mushroom-shaped house. Blow on the roof to light it up as music plays. Blow again to turn off the light.

Fill the basin underneath the wheel with water and press the button so that the flower sprays water on the wheel to make it spin.

The instruction book also includes information on how plants grow, adding a little bit of STEM learning to the play.

Is It Fun?

Kids will have fun playing out different fairy adventures with the figures in this set. They can even decorate their garden however they want with small rocks, shells, or other tiny decorations. And with care and patience, it will be fun for kids to see their gardens grow. This could be a fun way to connect kids to nature, get them playing outside, and keep the science learning going during the summer months.

Who It’s For

The Fairy Light Garden is for ages 4 and up. Adult assistance is required.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AAA batteries are required but not included.

We wish the instructions for sowing the seeds had been a little more specific. There were two bags of the Fairy Seed Starter, and we weren't sure exactly how much we were supposed to use.

Because this involves water, make sure you're using it in an area where spills are okay.

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    2 AAA batteries required