Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play Review (DMAI, Inc.)

Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play
What It Is

Help develop literacy, STEAM skills, and more from an early age with the Animal Island Learning Adventure Sit & Play. AILA (for short) comes preloaded with educational content, but it doesn't have the distracting ads or apps that a child would find when watching similar content on a parent's phone or tablet. Through 15-minute educational activities, children will be introduced to early preschool skills, life skills, STEAM, and social emotional learning all through the engaging characters from Animal Island.

To set up, you'll need to charge the device and then connect it to wifi. The initial content can be played with offline, but wifi allows the device to update with new content and pair with the AILA parent app. From there, tap the screen to start playing. The curriculum includes letters, numbers, shapes, colors, skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, friendship skills, and other topics, such as days of the week, seasons and weather, and food.

When a parent starts learning sessions from the parent app, the device's unique algorithm will then begin personalizing lessons based on the child's level of engagement through physical, emotional, and auditory reactions. Each stand-alone learning session is 15 minutes long, the recommended amount of screen time for toddlers per day. There will be a song, videos, and stories that help reinforce that day's concept.

Thanks to a forward-facing camera on the device, parents can check in on their little one while they're using the AILA. And parents can send a photo or video straight to the device. Kids will see it as mail delivered by Mister Goose.

Is It Fun?

For parents who are tired of handing over their phones to a toddler or preschooler, the AILA Sit & Play would be a good alternative. Parents don't have to worry about their kids seeing ads, and the customized learning allows a child to progress at their own pace. And the parent app empowers parents with information about their child's learning milestones.

Who It’s For

The AILA is for ages 12 months to 36 months.

What To Be Aware Of

The Sit & Play device comes with a USB cord for charging, plus an A/C adapter. It takes two to three hours to charge, and it's recommended that you only charge it using a wall power outlet. From a full charge, you get about four hours of continuous use.

The parent app is available on Android and iOS devices.

We had some difficulty pairing the parent app to the AILA device. Two firmware updates were needed before the AILA device correctly connected to the parent app, showing us learning milestones and information on past sessions. This process was a little frustrating.

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    Medium Difficulty