Ravel Tales Review (Sunny Days Entertainment)

Ravel Tales
What It Is

What surprises will you unravel with Ravel Tales? This new collectible toy line offers a twist on traditional toy unboxings. Wrapped inside a ball of colorful yarn are 12 surprises that each get revealed one by one. You'll find button charms, yarn for making pom poms, a name tag for the mystery pet, stickers, a sewing needle, a collector card, a pillow bed, and your Ravel Tales animal. Each animal has a different rarity, and you can see which group your animal belongs to and if it's an ultra-rare one by checking the collector's guide. There are 12 to uncover, plus two rare ones with gold and sparkle details.

The charms can be used to make three friendship bracelets and one braided necklace, while the pom poms, once you make them, get clipped to your bookbag or belt loop. And using the sewing needle, you'll get to sew together the pieces for your pet's bed.

The mystery animals include Knittens, Pom Pom Pups, Button Bears, and Purl Ponies. Together, they all form a club called The Unravellers, and they live together in a sewing shop called The Last Strand. This backstory helps inspire the imaginative play once all the unboxing fun has been done.

Is It Fun?

Unravelling the yarn balls is a lot of fun, especially as more and more of the surprises are discovered. And the activities of making friendship bracelets, pom poms, and the bed gives kids the feeling of creating part of the Ravel Tales world. There will be a lot of creative play with these toys, as well as imaginative storytelling.

Who It’s For

Ravel Tales is for ages 5 and up. Kids who like unboxings and collectible toys will have fun discovering the surprises inside each ball of yarn.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Ravel Tales is sold separately in a blind box.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy