Risk Junior Review (Hasbro)

Risk Junior
What It Is

Introduce the youngest gamers to the classic game of strategy with Risk Junior. Designed for ages 5 and up, this pirate-themed game challenges players to collect the most treasure and islands to win.

To set up, each player chooses a ship token and its matching pirate tokens. The treasure cards get randomly placed face-down on the board's treasure spaces. And then players take turns placing one of their pirate tokens on the island of their choice until all the islands have been occupied except for Skull Island in the center. That's where the ship tokens will start their journeys.

From there, players take turns moving their ships and battling for treasure. You can move your ship along a pathway to a connecting island, but you can only move one space at a time. If you land on an island that you own, nothing happens. But if you land on an island that your opponent owns, both of you battle for the treasure card with a roll of the dice. Your ship tokens actually become dice rollers! Each player puts a die in his or her ship and presses the lever on the back of the ship to launch the die. Whoever rolls the highest number wins the treasure and takes possession of the board. When you win a treasure card, just take it; don't turn it over yet.

Once all treasures are claimed, turn over your treasure cards and count up the coins on the back of each card. Add that number to the number of islands you own, and that's your score. The player with the most points wins.

Is It Fun?

This game is easy to learn, and it plays pretty quickly, too. There's a little bit of strategic thinking in terms of where a player wants to move his ship, and there will be a lot of roleplay as players pretend to be pirates searching for treasure.

Who It’s For

Risk Junior is for two to four players ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes a board, four ship tokens, two dice, 32 pirate tokens, 12 treasure cards, and a game guide.

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