Rivals Edition Games: Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Sorry! Review (Hasbro)

Rivals Edition Games: Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Sorry!
What It Is

If you love playing games but don't have a lot of people to play them with, check out the new Hasbro Rivals Edition games. These take your favorite games of Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Sorry! and turn them into two-player games. The objective of each game is fairly similar, but there are slight changes to accommodate only two players.

In Sorry!, you're still trying to get your pawns home first, but in this version, each player has a hand of five cards, and they can play any card to move a pawn out of the Start space. You can also move a pawn into the Home space if you roll the exact number of spaces or a higher number. But the rest of the game is the same. The cards still have numbers and instructions on them so you know how to move, and you can still slide and bump an opponent back to start.

The object of The Game of Life is to gain the most Life points, but beware of Life cards that reveal the skeletons in your closet or cause you to lose money. Spin the spinner and move around the board, and along the way you might have babies, adopt a pet, and collect salaries for your career. The humorous career choices range from Nostril Hair Doctor and Personal Insult Lawyer to Conspiracy Theorist and Parallel Parking Consultant.

And to win Monopoly, you've got to have the most money or own the entire board. In this version, you only use 50 and 100 Monopoly money bills, and there are only 16 properties on the smaller gameboard. If you land on an unoccupied property, put a house on it. No money is exchanged between you and the bank. If you land on a property you already own and you own the full property set, draw a Chance or Community Chest card and follow the cards instructions. If you land on a property owned by your opponent, pay the value shown on the board, or you could make a deal, such as trading properties for rent. But if your opponent owns a full color set, you've got to pay double the amount shown on the board - no finagling. Go to Jail is still on the board, and if you land there, go to jail and stay there for one turn.

Is It Fun?

These two-player games are much-needed, especially in gaming families where Mom and Dad might want to play a game, but their preschooler is too young for The Game of Life. Or just play one of these games any time you only have two people ready for game night. Gamers will like that these games are a little bit smaller and maybe even a bit faster than the originals. Out of the three, our favorites were Sorry! and Monopoly.

Who It’s For

Monopoly and The Game of Life Rivals Edition games are for two players ages 8 and up. Sorry! Rivals Edition is for two players ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Monopoly comes with a gameboard, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, two zinc tokens, 16 red houses, 16 blue houses, a money pack, a die, and a game guide.

The Game of Life comes with a gameboard, 65 Life cards, 10 Career cards, two cars, 50 $10,000 bills, 12 blue people pegs, 12 pink people pegs, 12 animal pegs, a spinner and base, and instructions.

Sorry! comes with a gameboard, 36 cards, three red pawns, two blue pawns, and instructions.

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