ROYBI Robot Review (ROYBI Inc.)

What It Is

The new ROYBI Robot is an AI-powered educational toy that introduces young kids to languages and STEM skills. In conjunction with a parent app, ROYBI includes a variety of lessons, games, stories, and songs that foster language development and STEM learning.

Out of the box, you get a ROYBI Robot with three interchangeable silicone hats that are easy for small hands to take on and off so they can customize their ROYBI's look. There's also a charging plate with USB cord and power adapter. When ROYBI sits on the charging plate, kids can use the three colorful buttons to interact and activate stories, lessons, and songs.

To set up ROYBI, you'll need to download the ROYBI app and set up a free account, then connect ROYBI to your home's wifi. In-app prompts will instruct you how to complete set-up, personalizing ROYBI's content based on the age of your child.

The front of ROYBI features a camera that helps ROYBI interact and recognize your child through face detection. Underneath that is a button that kids can press whenever they want to talk to ROYBI and play lessons. And under that is a screen that shows pictures and images corresponding to what ROYBI is talking about. If you're concerned about ROYBI having a camera, two camera covers are included for privacy.

In the app, parents can see weekly lesson plans that divide up the content by day. Parents can schedule ROYBI to play a specific lesson or have ROYBI play it right away. Each week's plan also includes review lessons to help kids remember what they learned throughout the week. And parents can keep track of a child's progress from within the app.

ROYBI uses voice recognition to talk to the child and ask the child questions. Whenever you see the lips icon appear on the screen, that's your cue to respond. When ROYBI hears your response, he'll respond back. Right now, ROYBI includes one language, with additional languages to be added later through free updates; more than 50 categories; more than 100 stories; and more than 400 lessons. Your child's age will depend on how much content you have access to in the beginning. As your child progresses, the personalized lessons will be adjusted.

Is It Fun?

Through our testing, we didn't think ROYBI did very well recognizing the child, and ROYBI did sometimes have trouble understanding the child's responses, which was frustrating, especially when the child gave a correct answer. It's difficult for preschoolers to respond loudly and clearly enough.

However, we do like the amount of content that's built-in and parents' ability to choose and schedule the lessons. This gives parents some control over the learning process. Little kids will definitely like the fun look of ROYBI and how interactive he is, and they'll be begging parents to replay their favorite lessons. This is certainly an educational toy that will grow with your child.

Who It’s For

ROYBI is for ages 3 to 7.

What To Be Aware Of

The box says that installation takes under 10 seconds, but it definitely took us longer to get ROYBI set up. First, you have to download the app, then set up a free account, then activate the account, then connect ROYBI to your home wifi, and then complete set-up in the app. It's not a difficult installation, but it doesn't take 10 seconds.

The ROYBI app is compatible with iPhone 6 and up, iPad 4th generation and up, iPad mini 2nd generation and up, iPad pro, iPad Air 2nd generation and up, and most Android phones and tablets. We tested the app on an LG G6 Android phone.

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