X-Shot Micro and Epic Fast-Fill Water Blasters Review (Zuru)

X-Shot Micro and Epic Fast-Fill Water Blasters
What It Is

Blast away the summer heat with the X-Shot Micro Fast-Fill and Epic Fast-Fill water blasters. Both of these blasters, sold separately, feature a white, orange, blue, and green design, nice and bright for outdoor play. And because these are Fast-Fill blasters, kids can easily and quickly refill them.

The Micro Fast-Fill is a compact water blaster that holds up to six ounces of water. The top opens up to reveal the water barrel, and kids can either pour in water or dunk the blaster into a large water source, such as a pool. Close and press the trigger to fire up to 26 feet.

The Epic Fast-Fill is a large water blaster with a 34-ounce capacity. This pump-action blaster blasts water up to 34 feet. To fill it, open up the back and dunk it or pour in water. And for more blasting variety, just turn the orange dial to change between four different nozzles: large stream, small stream, three streams at once, and flat stream.

Is It Fun?

Both of these blasters do get pretty good distance. In our testing, the Micro went about 15 feet, while the Epic shot 25 feet. So not exactly what the packaging suggests, but still decent for a water blaster battle. But what really sets these blasters apart is the ease of filling. We just poured water into ours, and the large size of the opening made it easy to do with minimal spilling. Don't waste your water before you even start blasting!

Who It’s For

These X-Shot water blasters are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each water blaster is sold separately.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy