Wheels on the Bus Game Review (Goliath Games)

Wheels on the Bus Game
What It Is

School's out for the summer, but kids can still pretend to ride the bus when they play the Wheels on the Bus Game. As kids push the school bus around the game board, it sings part of "The Wheels on the Bus", and then kids must try to find a token that matches the part the bus is singing about, either doors, horn, wipers, or wheels.

To set up the game, each player chooses one of the kid movers and places the kid on his or her matching bus stop color. The bus part tokens get placed face down in the center of the board.

Then, the first player moves the school bus along the road, stopping it at his bus stop. The bus will start singing the song, and players can of course sing along. When the bus reaches the bus stop, the player presses the bus' hood button to hear which bus part they're looking for. So, if the bus calls out "wheels", the player turns over a token to see if it matches. If it does match, the player places that token on the matching spot at their bus stop. Then it's the next player's turn.

If the player doesn't find a match, they do get one more try to find a correct token. If the second token doesn't match, the player's turn is over.

If the bus calls for a part a player already has, he must first try to find a token that matches, and then he can flip over another token to find a part of the bus he doesn't have. The instructions for this are a little confusing.

The first player to collect four tokens, one for each bus part, wins the game. That player then gets to press the button on the top of the bus to hear the full song play.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute and easy-to-learn game that is perfect for preschool players. Kids will like singing along to the song, while practicing their memory and matching skills by finding the correct tokens. The game pieces are also fun for imaginative play when the game is over.

Who It’s For

The Wheels on the Bus Game is for two to four players ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes an electronic singing bus, a game board, four movers with mover stands, and 20 tokens (five each of wheels, horns, wipers, and doors).

You'll need three AAA batteries for the school bus. Batteries are not included.

The bus doesn't have an off switch, so any time it gets moved, the song plays...loudly.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AAA batteries required