Scruff-a-Luvs Jungle Review (Moose Toys)

Scruff-a-Luvs Jungle
What It Is

Dogs and cats aren't the only animals who need rescuing. How about lions, parrots, and monkeys? That's what kids get to rescue in the new Jungle line of Scruff-a-Luvs. There are three animals to collect, and it's a surprise who you get to rescue.

When you open the package, which looks like an animal crate, you'll find a ball of matted fur, a leaf-shaped comb, a butterfly hair accessory, and a Certificate of Adoption.

The first thing to do is wash the matted fur ball to reveal the animal. It's recommended to use lukewarm water, and you can add some child-friendly soap. Make sure to rinse the animal off in clean water, too. After that, it's time to dry. Towel dry the animal and then use a hair dryer on a warm setting with adult supervision. Once the Scruff-a-Luv is dry, comb its hair and accessorize.

Is It Fun?

Revealing the animal is pretty easy, although it does take a long time to dry. Parents, don't be surprised if you find yourself alone in the bathroom blow-drying a stuffed animal for 20 minutes. Little kids will like the surprise of discovering their animal, and then grooming it, caring for it, and playing with it in all sorts of imaginative ways. Even though the animals come as matted balls of fur, they do fluff out nicely once dry and are very soft.

Who It’s For

The Scruff-a-Luvs Jungle animals are for ages 2 and up. Younger kids will need a lot of adult assistance to wash and dry their animal.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions say to "work as a family to rescue and transform your animal." This is because younger kids will need help, especially when drying the animal. It can take 10 to 20 minutes just to blow dry the animal, and even then, it still might feel a little damp in spots. Kids might lose patience having to wait this long, and it's certainly not fun for a parent to sit alone in the bathroom blow-drying a stuffed animal.

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