Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat Review (Moose Toys)

Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat
What It Is

Little Live Pets are known for their realistic animal features, but they've never come to life like this. With the new Little Live Pets Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat, kids can hatch, grow, and observe dragon-like critters. The kit includes eggs, food, and accessories to bring an underwater world to life.

The first thing to do is fill the tank with 1.5 cups of bottled water. Do not use tap water, mineral water, or carbonated water. Then, pour the eggs into the tank. In just a few hours, the eggs will double in size, but they'll still be so small that you'll need the magnifier to see them. The LED light can also help you get a better view. After 48 hours, you'll be able to see small white dots moving around in the tank. Those are Aqua Dragon Babies. And after a month of feeding and care, you'll have a fully grown Aqua Dragon family.

So what does feeding and care entail? You'll need to use the provided spoon to feed the dragons their special food every two to three days. You'll also need to aerate the water by using the Air Bubbler to blow bubbles of air into the water a few times a week. The tank's water also needs to be kept clean and at an optimal temperature. These long-tailed, three-eyed, and hairy-headed creatures also need lots of natural light. Refer to the helpful hints in the instructions to keep your dragons and their watery home happy.

The instructions also include a few fun facts about these crustaceans, including that they can grow up to 1.5 cm long and can live up to six months. They can even reproduce so that you can reuse the tank and grow new dragons.

The Deep Sea Habitat also includes a Pledge of Care certificate that kids can sign to pledge to always take care of their generations of Aqua Dragons.

Is It Fun?

The instructions don't lie - these things are TINY when you first start to grow them. So tiny, in fact, that we thought we'd gotten a dud product. But after about five days, we could definitely see little white things swimming in the water when we got up close to the tank.

This is like the new version of sea monkeys, so parents or grandparents who remember those from their childhoods will enjoy introducing this classic "pet" to a new generation. Caring for these is relatively easy, so this could be a great way to introduce pet care to a kid or it could replace a more traditional pet due to allergies or space constraints.

Who It’s For

The Little Live Pets Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AAA batteries are included for the try-me features, so you might want to replace them with new ones before you play.

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    2 AAA batteries required