MayaFlya Review (Buena Onda Games)

What It Is

Get ready to have a good time playing outside while also playing for good with the MayaFlya, a versatile flying disc handmade in Guatemala by Mayan artisans out of 100-percent cotton. Each crocheted disc has a colorful design, which looks really cool when it's flying through the air. The softness of these discs also means you can use them indoors and fold them up to easily take them on the go.

The MayaFlya comes in four different sizes: Indoor, Sport, Poseidon, and el Grande. The Indoor size is seven inches and is the softest of the discs. The Sport disc is a little bit bigger at 7.25 inches. The Poseidon is the same size as the Sport but it floats in water. And el Grande is eight inches and the farthest flying disc. Each one is available in a variety of different patterns.

So what can you do with these discs? There are more than 20 games and 50 uses for the MayaFlya discs. Games include MayaFlya Golf, where you try to land the disc on a target; Solitaire, where you toss the disc as close to the ceiling as you can without it touching and then catch it; Tag, where you throw the disc at someone to "tag" them; and just regular old catch. But when you're not playing games with your MayaFlya, it can become a coaster for drinks, a beret, or even a pet toy. (Although, it's not really recommended to give the Indoor version to your dog.)

Is It Fun?

Because there are so many ways to play and use these discs, these will encourage the whole family to get outside and be active. The designs and colors are visually appealing, especially when flying through the air, and they're easy to take with you wherever you go - even if that's only in your backyard because you can't go anywhere due to COVID-19 stay at home restrictions.

Who It’s For

There's no age grading on the package, but we think that starting with the smaller Indoor MayaFlya, these would be good for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Handwash MayaFlya discs in cold water and air dry.

The production of these fair-trade discs supports more than 600 Mayan families, and each purchase makes possible projects such as water filtration systems and school supply donations.

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