Peek a Blocks First Builders Construction Sets Review (MEGA Brands)

Peek a Blocks First Builders Construction Sets
What It Is

There are new surprises when little kids build with MEGA Bloks. Part of the First Builders line, the new Peek a Blocks construction sets feature colorful and chunky blocks for stacking and building, and just watch what happens when you stack a round Peek a Block: Surprise! It's an animal playing peek-a-boo with you!

There are a variety of sets in the line, including the Penguin Slide. With the 14 pieces, kids will build a South Pole play area for the Peek a Blok Penguin. Place the penguin on any block to activate its peek-a-boo surprise. And when kids press the launcher lever, they'll send the penguin rolling down the slide. This doesn't include instructions, but kids can use the pictures on the box to inspire their building.

The Peek a Bloks Forest set has similar features, except this 14-piece set comes with a Peek a Blok Panda and pieces for building a forest play area. Just like the penguin, the panda will play peek-a-boo when placed on a block and roll down the slide when kids press down on the lever. This set also does not come with building instructions. Instead, it's all up to kids how they want to build.

For bigger surprise fun, there's the Peek a Blocks Amusement Park set. With two Peek a Block animals, 29 building blocks, three slides, and a launcher, little ones can build their own thrill ride. This one does come with instructions for how to stack the blocks to build the three-story slide, and then kids can send the dog and cat rolling down. Kids can also build with the blocks however they want. Printed blocks give the feel of being at a fair with a banner, a carnival game, and a carnival tent logo. The cat and dog will also play peek-a-boo when stacked on top of another block. 

You can also add to your Peek a Bloks fun with individual Peek a Blok animals, each sold separately. Animals include a cow, tiger, monkey, fox, parrot, and whale, and each one comes with a block for peek-a-boo surprises right in the package.

Is It Fun?

The chunky design of the First Builders blocks definitely helps with fine motor skills as kids build. Then there's the added surprise of the Peek a Bloks animals playing peek-a-boo to really keep kids engaged as they play. The building is very open-ended, with kids able to stack the blocks however they want, and, of course, make up whatever animal adventure stories they can imagine. The sheer size of the Amusement Park will probably make it a favorite among little ones. 

Now, there may be a learning curve for kids as they learn how to place the Peek a Blok animals. You really have to hold the blocks from the back so that your fingers aren't covering up the wings and hindering the peek-a-boo feature. 

Who It’s For

The Peek a Blocks sets are for ages 1.5 and up. These sets would make great first building sets for toddlers.

What To Be Aware Of

Each construction set is sold separately and is compatible with other MEGA Bloks First Builders sets. 

Adults will need to assemble the lever that launches the Peek a Bloks down the slide. And in order to create the slides, parents may need to help with that building.

Little kids might have trouble activating the peek-a-boo feature if they are holding the block's wings, preventing them from opening to reveal the animal face underneath. Parents may need to help with this. 

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