Rubik's Revolution Review (Super Impulse)

Rubik's Revolution
What It Is

Rubik's Revolution is an entirely new way to play with the traditional Rubik's Cube. Even though it has six sides, each one sporting a different color, Rubik's Revolution doesn't rotate like the original. Because that's not how you play with this version. Instead, each side of this handheld electronic game has a colored light in the center, and those lights are part of the six game modes: Light Speed, Light Speed Trainer, Multiplayer Madness, Pattern Panic, Sounds Out, and Full Charge.

Press the blue light button to enter Light Speed, a game where you have to "catch" the lights. Rotate the cube to find the light, and if you press it in time, you'll hear a ding sound. If not, you'll hear a buzz. At the end of the game, the cube will announce your score.

If you need a little help, press the yellow light button for Light Speed Trainer mode, which is the same thing as Light Speed but a little easier. In this version, two lights are illuminated, and you can press either one to advance.

Pattern Panic is a game where you need a good memory and a fast hand. Press the green light button to enter this game mode. The cube will announce a color, and the light will turn on. Press the light before it goes out to add another color to the sequence. Memorize and repeat the growing pattern to unlock new levels.

Press the orange light for Sounds Out. In this game, each color plays a different sound, and you have to find the loudest sound to turn it off. Repeat the process for each sound in descending volume levels until all sounds are extinguished. The cube will announce your elapsed time when the game is complete.

To play Full Charge, press the white light button. You'll hear a beep and one light will illuminate somewhere on the cube. Press the light before it goes off to "catch" it. Once a light is "caught", it will blink. Your job is to see how fast you can catch all six lights so that they're all blinking. The cube will announce your elapsed time when the game is complete.

Multiplayer Madness mode is activated when you press the red light button. This game is essentially Light Speed but you take turns passing the cube to find the light. If a player presses the wrong light or doesn't press it in time, that player is out. The last player left wins.

Is It Fun?

Through the gameplay, you still get some of that classic rotating Rubik's action, but it's a little easier than solving a traditional Rubik's Cube - good news for those of us who want to be challenged but not that hard. With different games, you can play a different way each time or just work at beating the top score of your favorite game. The multiplayer mode will be a lot more fun once social distancing is over, but the five solo player games are the perfect quarantine activity. 

The only game we didn't like much was Sounds Out because it was hard to hear which sound was loudest. They all sounded pretty loud.

Who It’s For

Rubik's Revolution is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Rubik's Revolution includes three AAA batteries.

The unit turns itself off automatically after 60 seconds of inactivity.

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    3 AAA batteries required