Crazy Cart Shift Review (Razor)

Crazy Cart Shift
What It Is

The Crazy Cart Shift is a drifting Go Kart for kids ages 6 and older and weigh 120 pounds or less. There's very little assembly but you need to charge for 12 hours before the initial use and you'll get about 40 minutes of run time. Decide how fast you want to go, as the high setting lets kids reach 8 mph, while the low setting tops out at 2.5 mph.

This toy is all about putting the peddle to the metal and drifting, spinning, and turning. This cart can drift, and can easily change direction for wild driving. The steering wheel is different because it has an arrow that points in the direction that the cart is going to travel, no matter how the cart is pointed.

The Crazy Cart Shift is a great riding toy for kids that like drifting, speed, and twists.

Is It Fun?
Kids will really like this as it feels like a thrill ride for kids.
Who It’s For
This is suitable for kids 6 and older that weight 120 pounds or less.
What To Be Aware Of
Kids should always wear a helmet. With all the twists and spinning, you could get dizzy.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy