Cutetitos Babitos Series 2 Review (Basic Fun!)

Cutetitos Babitos Series 2
What It Is

Were the original Cutetitos Babitos too spicy for you? Try something on the sweeter side: new Cutetitos Babitos Series 2. These super cute stuffed animals come in different ice cream cone packaging: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. And inside each cone is a Babito wrapped up in a waffle cone blanket. Did you unwrap a boy or a girl? The color of the diaper (either blue or pink) will reveal your Babito's gender. Unwrap the diaper to reveal your Babito's "sweet spot", an embroidered ice cream cone on the hip that tells you whether your Babito is sweet, so sweet, extra sweet, or super sweet. (There are three super sweet and super rare Babitos to collect.) Flip over the collector's guide for a collector's card that tells you more about your Babito character, including name, birthday, and Babito type. 

Is It Fun?

These little stuffed animals are so cute, and we really like the new "sweet" theme of this series.  Series 2 still has the same fun surprise unboxing and unwrapping, and kids will love the gender reveal. These will make a nice addition to a Cutetitos collection.

Who It’s For

The Cutetitos Babitos are for ages 3 and up. Kids who already have a collection will really like collecting even more cute baby animals.

What To Be Aware Of

There are 12 to collect in this series.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility