Dinosaur Puzzles Review (New York Puzzle Company)

Dinosaur Puzzles
What It Is

Bring back the prehistoric world piece-by-piece with four new National Geographic puzzles from the New York Puzzle Company. With art designed by artists Franco Tempesta and Davide Bonadonna, these puzzles come in 100-piece sets (taking 30 minutes to complete) or in larger 200-piece sets that require over 45 minutes to finish. The 100-piece puzzles showcase larger renderings of a singular dinosaur species, like the king of the dinosaurs - The Tyrannosaurus Rex - or the massive Brachiosaurus. The 200-piece versions of the puzzles are of epic Jurassic scale scenes, which feature a mix of all kinds of early land dwellers or aquatic action. The puzzle pieces are made of single-sided cardboard, and each of these puzzles measures 19 by 13 inches or 13 by 19 inches depending on how it's displayed. On the back of each box there is information about the puzzle's featured creature. 

Is It Fun?

These puzzles make great rainy afternoon activities. The 100-piece and 200-piece sets offer different challenge levels for young puzzle solvers, who can learn about these majestic creatures while having fun.

Who It’s For

They are recommended for ages 5 and up. Young fans of puzzles - especially ones inspired by art, science, and nature - will enjoy these sets. Perfect for young ones who like to sit still and solve puzzles, or as a group activity.

What To Be Aware Of
Each puzzle is sold separately.
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