The Ultimate Tug Toy Review (Jersey Dog Co.)

The Ultimate Tug Toy
What It Is

The Perfect Tug Toy and Ultimate Tug Toy by Jersey Dog Co. are long-lasting tug toys your dog can play with indoors and outdoors. Like all of Jersey Dog Co.'s Products, these tug toys are made in New Jersey, from Jersey Dog Co.'s Flexa-Pure, a BPA-free, non-toxic polyurethane material. It feels sort of like a thick rubber but doesn't actually contain any rubber or latex, and it makes the toys really flexible and bendable. 

The Perfect Tug Toy is like a rope, with a loop on each end. You pull one end, and your dog pulls the other end. The Ultimate Tug Toy works the same way, except one end is a handle that you can hold onto. The other end is circular, with ridges that are easy for your dog to grip. Both the Perfect and Ultimate Tug Toys come in an assortment of colors, including red, blue, safety orange, safety green, olive, yellow, and black. 

Is It Fun?
Just like the name says, you can use these to play tug-of-war with your dog, but they also work as chew toys or for playing fetch. The handle on the Ultimate Tug Toy will help you keep a secure grip on the toy so it doesn't slip out of your hands during tug-of-war. The length of these toys creates a good distance between your hand and your dog's mouth, which is something you'll appreciate if you've ever been accidentally nipped by your dog while playing. 
Who It’s For
Medium-sized or large dogs that tend to rip apart or chew through toys easily. My dog is a heavy chewer, but this durable tug toy didn't show any signs of tearing when he chomped or pulled on it. 
What To Be Aware Of
Although these can be used for playing fetch, they are a bit heavy and clunky, so when you throw them, they might not go as far as smaller fetch toys, like a ball or a Frisbee for example. 
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