Trolls World Tour DJ Trollex Party Mixer Review (eKids)

Trolls World Tour DJ Trollex Party Mixer
What It Is

Get ready to party with the Trolls World Tour DJ Trollex Party Mixer. This toy turntable features lights and sounds, and lets kids create and record their own music. It'll be great for some Trolls roleplay.

The unit features images of Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, and DJ Trollex, whose name is a bit of a play on Skrillex, a popular DJ and record producer. When you turn it on, you get flashing red, blue, and green lights. And there are a lot of buttons on this because you can do a lot of things. Start off by choosing one of three modes of play: Rhythm, SFX, and Speech. The six buttons underneath those activate music beats, sound effects, or character phrases unique to each mode. The volume slider makes the music louder or softer, and the tempo slider speeds up the music or slows it down. Spin the turntable at any time to trigger that signature DJ record scratch sound. You can even press the Mic button to add your own vocals. 

Put it all together to create your own song and record it by pressing and holding the Record button. You can even add what the instructions call a "BeatDrop" by pressing the character button. 

If you'd rather listen and jam to built-in music, press the Song button. Or attach an MP3 player with a 3.5mm audio cable, which is not included, to remix your favorite songs. You can use the Record function in this mode, too. 

Is It Fun?

This will be great for some Trolls roleplay. There are a lot of options to let kids get really creative and experiment with the sounds, music, and phrases. We really like that kids can attach an MP3 player and record their musical creations. 

Who It’s For

The Trolls World Tour DJ Trollex Party Mixer is for ages 3 and up. Kids who are fans of the movies will have fun roleplaying as the DJ troll. 

What To Be Aware Of

Three AA batteries are included for the in-store try-me features, so you might want to replace them before you play for best results. And make sure to switch the toy from "Demo" to "On" mode for the full features.

The toy will only store one recording at a time.

We wish the toy came with a 3.5mm audio cable because we're not sure how many people have one of those at home. It was hard to scrounge one up in the TTPM office.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required