Brain Waves Review (Thames & Kosmos)

Brain Waves
What It Is

Winner of Parent's Choice Gold Award, Brainwaves for Thames & Kosmos offers three NEW versions of exciting concentration card games. The Brilliant Boar, the Wise Whale, and the Astute Goose are all designed for ages 8 and up and each takes about 15 minutes to play. 

The Brilliant Boar, designed by Dirk Baumann, comes with 54 animal cards and requires players to memorize the cards in their hands. Players then pick a card from the deck and without looking determine if they have a match. 

The Wise Whale was designed by Maureen Hiron and is a concentration game with three different levels of difficulty. Cards are drawn and replaced as pairs are collected or not. The added dice is used to determine what feature players must match to make a pair. When the whale symbol is thrown, players must find the sea creature on a specific drawn card. The dot symbol asks players to match the color on the drawn card.

Finally, The Astute Goose designed by Reiner Knizia requires players to memorize the suspects on each card. Players then roll the dice to determine what they must recall. To win the game, players are asked to match the suspect's clothing color, its texture or detail, or what animal accompanied him. The Astute Goose comes with 25 suspect cards, six number cards, five feature cards, two dice, and one note pad. 

All three games come with a book of instructions that even explain how the brain processes memory. 

Is It Fun?

Fun for the whole family, these new Brainwaves games encourage fluid intelligence and working memory, as well as episodic memory. All three are portable enough to store in your backpack for game time anytime. 

Who It’s For

Designed for ages 8 and up, these three games are a great way for the family to enjoy game time togetherness. Fun and easy to learn so players can start playing in minutes.

What To Be Aware Of

The Brilliant Boar and the Wise Whale allow up to four players and The Astute Goose up to five players. Each game is sold separately. 

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