Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Review (Hasbro)

Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby
What It Is

When baby's ready to eat, mix up a treat with Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby. Kids can mix up doll food for their baby inside the working toy blender. Then feed baby her food with the spoon, help her drink water from her bottle, and get ready for the ultimate in baby doll play: changing a dirty diaper. The doll comes with a removable outfit, two diapers, two packets of doll food, a blender, a bottle, a comb, a spoon, and instructions.

There are different dolls to collect in this series, and each one wears a fruit-themed dress and includes matching fruit-themed doll food mixes. There's a blonde Strawberry Shake doll wearing a sleeveless dress with sprinkles and strawberries on it. This doll includes ice cream and strawberry doll food mixes. The Blueberry Blast doll is an African-American doll with curly hair wearing a sleeveless blue dress with hearts, polka dots, and blueberries printed on it. The "flavors" of this doll's mixes are blueberry and raspberry (or it could be grape - we weren't sure based on the picture on the packet). And the Pineapple Treat doll has her brunette hair pulled up in pigtails, and she wears a tropical dress with pineapples and bananas on it. Her doll food packets are pineapple and banana. 

Even though the dolls have some differences, they all work the same way. Pour a packet of doll food into the toy blender. Fill the baby bottle with water to the fill line. Pour the water into the blender and replace the blender's top. Then press down on the blender's button to mix.

Each doll also includes a comb for some hair play when mealtime is over.

Is It Fun?

Little kids love pretending to feed their baby dolls, and they're going to think it's so cool to mix up the doll food in the toy blender. That element just adds some more realism to the pretend play. And we can't forget that the doll really eats, pees, and poops, and kids will think it's fun to feed the doll and change those soiled diapers.

Who It’s For

Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The doll food is not meant to be eaten. 

Additional doll food and diapers are sold separately.

The bottle and blender are hand-wash only. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy