Barbie Inspiring Women Billie Jean King and Florence Nightingale Review (Mattel)

Barbie Inspiring Women Billie Jean King and Florence Nightingale
What It Is

Whether girls want to enter the medical profession or the tennis court, new Barbie Inspiring Women dolls inspire girls to dream big. Two of the newest dolls in the collection include tennis icon and equality champion Billie Jean King and Florence Nightingale, a pioneering nurse and statistician.

The Billie Jean King Barbie doll is very poseable for playing out all sorts of athletic feats. The doll's short brown hair mimics the style of Billie Jean's hair, and the doll wears glasses and a two-piece blue tennis outfit inspired by the one Billie Jean wore during the 1973 Battle of the Sexes match - that she won, by the way. Accessories include a blue wristband and blue shoes, along with a Wilson tennis racket that the doll can hold and a tennis ball. Unfortunately, the doll cannot hold the ball. Because this doll is based on an athlete, you'll notice muscular definition in the doll's arms and legs. The facial sculpt looks more like traditional Barbie than Billie Jean, but we'll let that slide. Girls can read more about Billie Jean King on the back of the box.

The Florence Nightingale Barbie doll takes girls back to the 1800s. There's a picture of Florence on the box, and when compared to the facial sculpt of the doll, it's not a bad rendering of Florence. The doll's brown hair is pulled back underneath a white bonnet, and the doll wears a long-sleeved gray dress with lace trim at the collar and sleeves. Over the dress is a white apron and a ribbon sash with the words "Scutari Hospital" printed on it. The doll also wears a ribbon necklace and black heeled boots. Because Florence was known as "The Lady with the Lamp," this doll carries a lamp accessory. Girls can read more about Florence's work on the back of the box.

Both dolls come with a doll stand for display and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Is It Fun?

These dolls introduce young girls to even new "sheroes" that can help them not just imagine that they can be anything but see that they can. We like that this line spans decades and centuries, bringing the stories of these historical women to a new generation of girls to discover. These are technically collectible dolls and would be a nice starting point for a Barbie doll collection. However, some kids may want to play with them, especially the Billie Jean King doll with all its poseability. No matter for play or display, these dolls are nicely done and give a wonderful message to today's girls.

Who It’s For

These are collectible dolls for ages 6 and up. We can see some girls wanting to play with the dolls, while older girls and older Barbie fans will want to keep these on display.

What To Be Aware Of

We wish the Certificates of Authenticity were packaged better. Our certificates are always bent when we pull them out.

Ella Fitzgerald will also be one of the new dolls in the series. TTPM did not receive this doll to review.

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