My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers Review (My Audio Pet)

My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers
What It Is

Kids love listening to music just as much as adults do, and the super cute animal-themed My Audio Pet Bluetooth speakers make it easy and fun for kids to jam. There are a variety of speaker sizes and animal styles to choose from, depending on what you like and what you need.

For instance, if you need something that is waterproof, the My Audio Pet Splash speakers can float and withstand being underwater up to three feet for up to 30 minutes. You probably wouldn't put your speaker directly in the water, but it's nice to know that if you wanted to listen to music poolside or at bathtime, some splashing wouldn't destroy it. There are four styles of these speakers: a polar bear, a narwhal, an octopus, and a shark. Each 3.5-inch speaker is sold separately and includes a lanyard and a micro USB cord. All the buttons to control the playback and volume are on the bottom of the speaker. You can also switch the speaker to Selfie mode and use it as a remote for selfies.

At a smaller size of about two inches, there are My Audio Pet 5.0 Bluetooth speakers, available in 20 different animal styles, including PURRfect Pitch the Cat seen in our video review. Each speaker includes a lanyard and a micro USB cord for charging. But unlike the larger Splash speakers, this speaker only has one button on the bottom that functions as the power and pause button, and a selfie-taking button if pressed twice. You'll use your connected device to control the volume and playback. 

For both of these, there's also a free companion app that allows kids to play Hide & Speak with their My Audio Pet speaker.

For another way to play, there's My Audio Stories, children's picture books with matching My Audio Pet 5.0 speakers. You can use the My Audio Stories app to listen to the book read aloud through the speaker or record your own version of the story. There are four books to choose from: Eli's Star, which comes with a star speaker; You Silly Raccoon, which comes with a raccoon speaker; Scales the Tiniest Dragon: The Magic Song, which comes with a dragon speaker; and Slow Jam & Choral: Bugaboo Forest, which either comes with the sloth speaker or the unicorn speaker. Each is sold separately. 

Another fun feature of some of the My Audio Pets is their ability to sync together for True Wireless Stereo Pairing. A My Audio Pets Splash speaker only pairs with other Splash speakers, and a My Audio Pets 5.0 speaker only pairs with other 5.0 speakers. This just gives you more of a surround sound because you've got two speakers going instead of one. It's also supposed to assign the speakers to a left channel and a right channel, but we couldn't really hear a difference in the music we listened to.

Is It Fun?

Pairing these speakers to Bluetooth is super easy, and the audio quality is great. We like the variety of different animals to choose from and think kids will especially love using their speaker to listen to music, as well as for play. And hearing stories read to them by a loved one through My Audio Stories will be really special for kids.

Who It’s For

These speakers aren't age-graded, but we think they'll probably be fun for music-loving kids ages 7 or 8 and up. Those are the kids who will be able to use these speakers on their own. The My Audio Stories will skew a little younger because of the picture book element. And really, as long as Mom or Dad operates the speakers, toddlers and preschoolers can listen to music through them.

What To Be Aware Of

It takes My Audio Pet Splash speakers two hours to charge, and from that you get six to eight hours of playback. 

My Audio Pet 5.0 speakers take 1.5 hours to charge, and you get four to six hours of playback.

All of the speakers have auto shut-off after a period of inactivity.

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