Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places and Tiny Takeaways Review (Mattel)

Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places and Tiny Takeaways
What It Is

Discover all-new tiny surprises with the Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places and Tiny Takeaways toys. 

Tiny Pocket Places are small compacts that open up to reveal a miniature play scene in themes such as Playground, Farmer's Market, and BBQ. Each compact also includes one doll with rubbery, sticky feet for sticking to the playset. In the Playground compact, you get a Polly doll that can swing on the swing, go down the slide into the sandbox, play hopscotch, and bounce around on the little froggy. The Farmer's Market set also comes with a Polly doll. She can sell lemonade at the food stand and open up the barrel to see a cat peeking out. And the BBQ set comes with a Lila doll that can grill up food both inside and outside of the compact, thanks to the removable grill with spinning food feature. A cooler also opens up, and there's a chair for the doll to sit in.

Something unique about these compacts is that the top half opens up so kids can add their own pictures or play scenes. And in the case of the Farmer's Market, it makes it easier to get the doll behind the food stand.

Each Tiny Pocket Place is attached to a heart-shaped clip so that kids can bring their mini playset with them on the go.

There are more surprises in the Polly Pocket Tiny Takeaways blind bags. Will you find a ring or a necklace inside? The rings and necklaces come in all sorts of colorful shapes and designs, and some even have pearl or glitter finishes. But that's not the only surprise. There's also a tiny doll inside. The accessories open up so the dolls can ride along inside, and the necklace charms are interchangeable with the rings for more wearing options. A collector's guide helps kids keep track of what they've got.

Is It Fun?

These tiny toys are what Polly Pocket is all about - big fun in a tiny way. Polly fans will like adding more cute compact playsets to their collections, and the blind bags add surprise unboxings to the Polly play pattern, as well as fun fashion roleplay for kids. 

Who It’s For

The new Polly Pocket toys are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each toy is sold separately.

There are really no instructions for how the compact playsets open up so kids can insert their own picture.

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