LEGO Minecraft Sets Review (LEGO)

LEGO Minecraft Sets
What It Is

Build a bigger Minecraft world outside of the video game with new LEGO Minecraft construction sets. 

One of the biggest sets in the lineup is The Illager Raid, model number 21160, with 562 pieces. This set, for ages 8 and up, is three Minecraft locations in one: a flat-roof desert house, a trading post, and a field with crops. Each location can be played with on its own or attached for a bigger playset. And if you want to get inside the house, open the door and detach the roof. There's a bedroom in there and what looks to be a kitchen area. The set includes five minifigures: two Villagers, two Illagers, and Kai, along with some weapon accessories. A cat and pig are also included, plus a buildable Ravager with space for a minifigure to ride on top and a biting feature.

The Pillager Outpost, model number 21159, is a 303-piece set for ages 8 and up. In this set, the two Pillager minifigures have taken the Iron Golem minifigure prisoner, and kids must pull off a rescue mission with the Knight minifigure. A sheep is also included. This model can also be separated into three sections to give kids different ways to play. There's an archery practice area with two dummies, a tent, and an exploding TNT function to help the Iron Golem escape the cage.

You can also build The Panda Nursery, model number 21158. This lets fans ages 7 and up pretend to care for the cute pandas from the Minecraft game. It's got 204 pieces for building a nursery building with rooftop bed. Build some bamboo for the pandas to eat, or the Alex minifigure can feed them fish or a cake. A mommy panda and a baby panda are included, along with an Ocelot. Both of the pandas have moving heads so the figures can be posed in different ways. 

Then there are the two smallest sets, both part of the BigFig Series 2. Build a BigFig Pig with Baby Zombie, model number 21157, or a BigFig Creeper and Ocelot, model number 21156. The Pig and Zombie come with 159 pieces, and the Pig has poseable legs and a head. The Zombie can stand on its own with moving head, arms, and legs, or the Zombie can sit and ride on top of the pig. The Creeper and Ocelot come with 184 pieces. The Creeper's head spins 360 degrees, and you can pose its legs. The Ocelot's head moves up and down, and it looks like it's carrying a fish in its mouth. It also has a poseable tail and legs.

Is It Fun?

Minecraft fans who like building with LEGO will have fun bringing the computer game to life through these physical sets. There's a lot of great detail and movement to inspire action-packed play, and kids will like seeing familiar characters and locations represented in each set. These make a great addition to a LEGO Minecraft collection or a fun way to start building one.

Who It’s For

The Illager Raid and The Pillager Outpost are for ages 8 and up. The Panda Nursery and BigFig sets are for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Illager Raid took us one hour and 10 minutes to build. The Pillager Outpost took us 35 minutes to build. The Panda Nursery took 25 minutes to build. The BigFig sets each took 10 minutes to build.

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