Crossword Jigsaw and Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzles Review (Babalu)

Crossword Jigsaw and Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzles
What It Is

The 2019 edition edition of the Crossword Jigsaw contains 550 pieces and measures at 24"x18" when completed. It took our team about 8 hours to complete the entire piece.

The Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw also contains 550 pieces and also measures in at 24"x18" when complete. While we did not get around to the actual puzzle, filling in the answer sheet took us about 3hrs.

Is It Fun?

These are clearly NOT designed for casual puzzling.

If you're a seasoned pro and enjoy the challenge, then it should still be a solid "long-time" project for those looking to spend a quiet weekend with a visual brainteaser.

Who It’s For
Puzzle, Crossword, and Sudoku enthusiasts ages 5+.
What To Be Aware Of

For Crossword Jigsaw: We found the instructions did not always tell you the answer is a two-word answer truncated into a single space.

For Samurai Sudoku: We discovered answering each square individually resulted in completely different answers that DON'T help build the finished puzzle, so make sure to try and find the sole "correct" answer if you hope to finish the puzzle.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy