Regular, Elite, and Ultimate WWE Figures Review (Mattel)

Regular, Elite, and Ultimate WWE Figures
What It Is

Series 102 of the standard figure lineup. Intended for ages 6+, the set includes Drake Maverick, Constable Baron Corbin, Jeff Hardy, The Miz, and Seth Rollins. Figures are approximately six inches and feature 18 points of articulation (which we admit is quite good).  Figure detail is generally serviceable (Miz's smirk in particular was captured perfectly) and the appearances are overall satisfying, though things like the full head of hair on Corbin (who has actually taken to a bald look) do feel a little out of place.

Series 74 of the Elite Collection also stands at around six inches, and boasts over 23 points of articulation. Included in this series are Goldberg, Lince Dorado, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Andrade, and Natalya. All figures come with additional accessories, such as different hands/head molds, items like the World Heavyweight Championship (in the case of Goldberg) or even, as the case is with Lince Dorado, a pinata, as well as molded or fabric clothing.

Ultimate Series 3 features Finn Balor in his Demon form, and HHH at peak Game from the early 2000s. Included are different head sculpts, clothing items similar to those in the Elite Collection, and accessories such as the Attitude Era WWE World Championship Belt, and HHH's notorious sledgehammer. Details on the figures and their accessories are exceptional, and feature an equivalent number of articulation points, but have slightly different joints in the torso and head to add a truly ultimate level of dexterity for incredible posing and playtime action.

Is It Fun?

Yes; poseability on the Standard series is adequate (though things like the kneepads restrict movement to a notable degree on this line compared to the others), and they will be durable enough to take adequate bumps on the ring apron. That said, the standouts are the Elite and Ultimate series. These two sets don't just make impressive display pieces, but also make it very satisfying to actually replicate the in-ring action of WWE thanks to the wider range of motion available.

Who It’s For
WWE fans and collectors 6+ (for Standard Series) and 8+ (Elite and Ultimate Series)
What To Be Aware Of
No advisories here!
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