Disney Frozen 2 Elsa the Snow Queen Doll and Light-Up Water Nokk Review (Jakks Pacific)

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa the Snow Queen Doll and Light-Up Water Nokk
What It Is

Let's start with the Frozen 2 Light Up Water Nokk. Based on the spirit from Frozen 2 resembling a horse, this Nokk toy features motion-activated lights and sounds and is completely poseable. It also comes with straight forward instructions. The only setup required is assembly of the saddle and that's very easy to place on.

The head moves from right to left and a little bit up and down. All the limbs move and are poseable, which is great! This definitely allows kids to position Nokk many different ways! The tail also moves, but only up and down. When you press the button, you'll hear the water freeze sound effect and see the lights glow a bit. Move Nokk around to activate more sounds; galloping through water, snorting sound, and whinnying sound. The light glows throughout and gives great visuals for little kids!

The Nokk is made of clear blue sparkly plastic- shimmer is embedded all throughout. The hooves, mane and tail are made of white clear plastic with the same shimmer. The head is nicely sculpted with eyes, nostrils, and mouth. The ears do protrude out and are a bit flexible. Since the Nokk is see-through you can see some of the parts and screws inside. Also, if you look closely there's some very nice detailing such as waves and water droplets on his body.

Next up and sold separately, we have Elsa the Snow Queen Doll! Elsa stands 14 inches tall and is dressed in one of her signature outfits from Frozen 2! A long shimmering white dress with hints of purples and blues ice crystal detailing. A delicate sheer winged cape is attached to the back of her dress. Elsa also has her gorgeous long flowing waves which kids will enjoy styling! One thing to note is that there are only 4 points of articulation at the head, arms and legs. The legs do not move separately, they move together. Something else to note here is that this Elsa doll does not fit on the Nokk.

Is It Fun?

These two items will be lots of fun for fans of Frozen 2 to recreate scenes from the movie.

Who It’s For

Kids will love playing house with Elsa and even recreating stories from the films. You can even play along with Nokk for more story- telling fun, but sadly Elsa will not be able to ride the Nokk. Still, we think Frozen fans will love either toy!

What To Be Aware Of

This Elsa doll does not fit on Nokk.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AAA batteries required