My Little Pony Rarity Magical Mane and Magical Potion Surprise Batch 1 Review (Hasbro)

My Little Pony Rarity Magical Mane and Magical Potion Surprise Batch 1
What It Is

Reveal the magic of friendship with the new My Little Pony Magical Mane Rarity and Magical Potion Surprise Batch 1. 

The Magical Potion Surprise blind bags feature packaging that looks like a potion bottle. To reveal the 1.5-inch mini figure that is hidden inside, fill the blind pack with water and shake. This first batch includes 24 favorite pony characters, "ponified" pets and animals, and all-new additions to the cast of characters. An image of all 24 in the collection is on the interior of the packaging. The plastic case can be reused for storage.

There are even more surprises with Magical Mane Rarity. This 6.5-inch pony figure has hair that really grows and changes colors. There's a pink hairbrush with three blue diamonds on it, mimicking Rarity's cutie mark. You can use the brush to brush out Rarity's white-and-purple mane, and as you do, give it a little pull to make the hair grow. As this happens, Rarity's white-and-purple tail will get shorter. Then, you can do the same thing with the brush and the tail to make the tail grow. And doing this causes the mane to get shorter. So kids can keep going back and forth with that depending on which piece of hair they want to be longer. 

For the color-change feature, there is a glittery spray bottle with a unicorn horn on it. The top unscrews so that you can fill the bottom with icy cold water. Spray it on the white part of the hair and it'll turn blue.

There are also 10 surprise hair accessories packaged up in a potion bottle-shaped blind bag. Open it up to find colorful barrettes, hair ties, and stickers. Use these accessories to create different hairdos and looks for Rarity. Rarity's head moves from side to side for easier styling.

Is It Fun?

In terms of the Magical Potion Surprise bags, we think fans young and old will like the mini size for some favorite characters. The surprise unboxing is fun to do, and kids will like trying to collect them all and using their collections to play out all sorts of fun adventures.

The long hair of Magical Mane Rarity will definitely inspire a lot of creative hair play, and kids will also like making Rarity's hair go from short to long and back again. This toy also has some nice surprises, from the color-change feature to the blind bag of accessories. 

Both toys feature the Chibi animation style straight from the new Pony Life TV series. We think this is a cool new design for the ponies and one that fans young and old will want to collect.

Who It’s For

These new My Little Pony toys are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The packaging for Magical Mane Rarity makes it seem like there are other accessory pieces, such as a headband, cape, and comb, so we don't know if those are randomly distributed and our Rarity just didn't come with those, or if all the Magical Mane Rarity toys have the same things and the packaging is misleading.

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