Matchbox MBX Construction Hauler Review (Mattel)

Matchbox MBX Construction Hauler
What It Is

The latest releases in the Matchbox Superfast line, we received the '82 Datsun 280ZX, the Volvo V60 Wagon, and the Mercedez-Benz G63 AMG 6x6. Other cars are available for purchase. A stalwart of die cast cars, these Matchbox cars are a solid assortment and, in cases like the Datsun, feature little touches like opening doors. The tires have a nice rubbery feel and are fun to roll around, which is good as it's a feature advertised on the packaging. The cars look very nice overall, and nothing feels particularly cheap given the small scale.

Meanwhile, the MBX Construction Hauler is a combination vehicle, playset, and storage case of sorts! Included with the vehicle are eight construction pieces and a metal tractor. In addition to being able to store upwards of 20 Matchbox cars, the vehicle trailer has two tilting ramps that allow cars to slide out from either level. It's a fun little feature, and we like that the piece can be separated easily. 

Is It Fun?
Yes; between the nice details on the cars and the multi-functionality of the Hauler, these are fun and useful sets!
Who It’s For
Matchbox collectors and car enthusiasts ages 3+.
What To Be Aware Of
No advisories here!
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy