Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Triple Loop Kit Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Triple Loop Kit
What It Is

Hot Wheels racing just got three times cooler with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Triple Loop Kit. There are three ways to build and each track set features three graduated stunt-sized loops. The whole thing stands 20 inches tall, but don't worry - it does fold up for easier storage. The set includes one Hot Wheels vehicle for racing action right out of the box. In the first track configuration, you've got to figure out the right amount of launching force to send the car through all three loops, up the ramp, and into the cup. Once that's been conquered, reset for the second build, which is a daredevil jump through the loops and then into the cup. And the last configuration is the gravity drop, which sends the Hot Wheels car down the long track, up the short ramp, and into the cup. 

But don't stop with just those three stunt tracks. Add this to other Track Builder sets, boosts, and stunts for even more racing action.

Is It Fun?

This offers amped-up fun for Hot Wheels fans. Changing between the three different builds is easy because there aren't a lot of pieces to take apart and reassemble, which is nice. Kids can quickly go back and forth between the three configurations. Or create their own! The ability to attach this to other Track Builder sets allows kids to unlock their creativity as they build their own challenging thrills. 

In terms of the triple loop challenge of this set, the car doesn't always make it through the loops, and if it goes through the loops, it doesn't always make it into the cup. But it sure is fun to try.

Who It’s For

The Triple Loop Kit is for ages 6 to 12.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions for assembly are easy to follow.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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