Treasure X Aliens Series 3 Tubes and Series 2 Alien Ooze Eggs Review (Moose Toys)

Treasure X Aliens Series 3 Tubes and Series 2 Alien Ooze Eggs
What It Is

There are more aliens oozing their way into your toy collection thanks to new series of Treasure X Aliens. This time, the series 3 dissection tubes feature new glow-in-the-dark ooze and there's a whole new way to collect aliens with the series 2 Alien Ooze Eggs.

Each Alien Ooze Egg features five levels of adventure, and there are 12 ooze-sucking aliens to collect. Inside the hard outer shell is a squishy alien egg. Squeeze the egg to hatch an alien figure that is covered in slimy ooze. The ooze also hides an alien treasure, and if you're lucky, you'll find a real gem treasure inside. One in 18 packs contain a real gem. The alien figures have a suction feature, so if you place the alien over the ooze and squeeze its sides, the alien will suck up all of the ooze. Then squeeze again to spit it out. 

Inside each dissection tube is one of three alien species, and kids get to dissect the alien and search for treasure hunters and treasure through 12 levels of adventure. It all starts by opening the tube to remove the alien and using the X tool to cut open the alien. This reveals an ooze sack (that you'll need scissors to cut open), and inside the ooze is a treasure hunter with critter and a mystery bag with a treasure accessory inside. There are 12 new hunters to collect and five different gems, including an ultra rare real gem. One in 12 packs contain a real gem. Fill the alien's head with ooze and then squeeze the head to push the ooze out of the alien's eyes and mouth. This ooze glows in the dark, too. For best results, charge it under a light source for at least 10 seconds. Store the ooze in the tube's top container when not in use.

Is It Fun?

This is so gross, but that's what makes it so fun. We like that there's an element of role play with this toy line, allowing kids to feel like scientists dissecting the alien specimens in their lab. Combine that with the collectible figures that inspire a lot of imaginative play once unboxed, and you're getting a lot of play value. The eggs would also make a fun Easter basket gift for Treasure X fans.

Who It’s For

Treasure X Aliens are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Alien Ooze Eggs and series 2 dissection tubes are sold separately.

A Treasure X Aliens Ultimate Dissection kit is also available and sold separately.

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