Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box Review (Just Play)

Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box
What It Is

Kids can pretend to be Ryan opening up a mystery box just like on Ryan's Mystery Playdate. There are 22 hidden surprises in the Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ultra Mystery Box. Kids have to slide, turn, switch, and crank to open seven mystery doors. And it all culminates with a Mystery Playdate playset that includes a Guess-O-Tron, a mystery splasher, five figures, an ooze bucket, a mystery door, a pie launcher, a mini mystery box, Floor is Lava stickers, gold coins, hint cards, and a Whoopee Cushion. You can see everything this mystery box comes with on the back of the packaging (so you might want to remove it to keep things a surprise for the kiddos). 

Everything that kids need to open is numbered on the box. So you'll start with number one, which is a slider that pops open a door with a blind bag inside. Open the bag to reveal one of the figures. It could be Ryan's dad wearing a hamburger costume.

Then number two will be ready to go, and this one gets turned to pop open a giant drawer on the side. It contains three blind bags with two more figures, a Whoopee Cushion, and a container of ooze.

Number three slides up to reveal a door and blind bag on the top of the box. Hidden in here is another figure, possibly of Ryan.

The crank handle on the side of the mystery box opens the last four hidden doors. Once the handle has made its way around, the whole box will open up into the playset, revealing even more blind bags. These bags contain the rest of the playset's contents. Drop the colorful balls down the mystery splasher, insert the hint cards into the Guess-O-Tron to guess the mystery playdate, launch pies, and so much more.

Is It Fun?

Similar to previous Ryan toys, this is all about unboxing surprises and Ryan roleplay. Kids get the chance to unbox a mystery box just like Ryan and maybe, with help from Mom and Dad, film their own unboxing video. This mystery box is pretty cool with how everything pops open as you turn and slide the handles and levers. And we like that the box turns into a playset with elements from the Ryan's Mystery Playdate show. This lets kids play out their favorite parts of the show and create their own mystery playdates.

Who It’s For

The Ultra Mystery Box is for Ryan fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This toy is based on Ryan's Mystery Playdate on Nickelodeon.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy