Trolls World Tour and Frozen Styling Heads Review (Just Play)

Trolls World Tour and Frozen Styling Heads
What It Is

Poppy has awesome troll hair and Elsa has long hair that's perfect for braiding. Kids can play with both characters' hair with the Trolls World Tour and Frozen Styling Heads. Each is sold separately.

The Disney Frozen Deluxe Elsa Styling Head features long braided hair that kids can style with the 15 hair accessories. There are two hair extensions that add a purple or white streak when clipped in Elsa's hair. The two blue hair combs have a snowflake design. Keep Elsa's hair smooth and shiny with the purple snowflake brush that has an image of Olaf on it. Create a cool design with the blue ribbon wrap. And keep a hairdo secure with the four glittery purple and teal elastics and the six purple barrettes. The barrettes can even snap into the hair combs as decoration. Kids can wear these hair accessories, too. The styling head also has a color-change feature. Take the wand applicator sponge from its holder and dip it into icy cold water. Then apply the sponge to the snowflake on Elsa's bodice to make it turn purple. You can do the same with the two color-change hair extensions: white changes to blue and purple changes to pink. Warm water changes everything back. Store the brush and the wand in the slots on the back of the styling head base.

The Trolls World Tour Poppy Styling Head features Poppy making a heart sign with her hands. She's got colorful hair on top of her head and a fabric flower crown that kids can wear, too. Poppy's hair can be styled using the four brightly colored elastics and the four movie-inspired barrettes. There's a purple lyre, a pink flower, a yellow peace sign, and a teal music note. The hairbrush is shaped like a microphone. There is storage on Poppy's base for storing the barrettes. 

Is It Fun?

The Elsa styling head is definitely the better of the two, thanks to its easily playable hair and the color-change features. Unfortunately, you can't do much with the Poppy styling head hair, so if you're wanting to braid it or create different hairstyles, that's not going to happen. The little bang pieces on the side could be braided, but they're not connected to the hair on the top. But at least kids can use the pieces in their own hair, and that's a fun feature of both sets. Because they have pieces that kids can wear, the creative play extends into role play. Kids will have fun pretending to be Elsa and Poppy. 

Who It’s For

The Trolls World Tour and Frozen Styling Heads are for fans of the movies ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Poppy's hair isn't the best for styling. You won't be able to braid it or do different updos. Even looking at the pictures on the box, it seems that the manufacturer's idea of different styles is to have Poppy's hair brushed straight up or with curled-out ends. 

For best results with Elsa's color-change feature, use ice cold water or just use an ice cube.

Both styling heads are sold separately.

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